California School District Funding

Explore the effects of no tax extension on school district funding

The map on the right can be toggled between views of school district funding, academic performance or California State Senate/Assembly Districts. Clicking on a school district will show details of the funding over the last 3 years together with a projection of the funding next year assuming no tax extension. Note we are only showing Elementary and Unified School Districts. Clicking on a Senate/Assembly district will show the name and party affiliation of the Senator/Legislator and their winning margin. Entering an address or ZIP code in the address bar and clicking on "GoTo" will center and zoom the map on that address.

The following School Districts will be heavily affected if the tax extension does not pass and are in Senate or Assembly districts where the Senator or Legislator is opposed to the tax extension.

Address or ZIP
Funding Academic Performance Senate Districts Assembly Districts
School District Academic Performance (2010 API score)
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